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authentication:authentication-ds-actor-expiry authentication authentication-ds-actor-expiry Including an expiry time ds_actor cookies can optionally include a signed expiry timestamp, after which the cookies will no longer be valid. Authentication plugins may chose to use this mechanism to limit the lifetime of the cookie. For example, if a plugin implements single-sign-on against another source it may decide to set short-lived cookies so that if the user is removed from the SSO system their existing Datasette cookies will stop working shortly afterwards. To include an expiry, add a "e" key to the cookie value containing a base62-encoded integer representing the timestamp when the cookie should expire. For example, here's how to set a cookie that expires after 24 hours: import time import baseconv expires_at = int(time.time()) + (24 * 60 * 60) response = Response.redirect("/") response.set_cookie("ds_actor", datasette.sign({ "a": { "id": "cleopaws" }, "e": baseconv.base62.encode(expires_at), }, "actor")) The resulting cookie will encode data that looks something like this: { "a": { "id": "cleopaws" }, "e": "1jjSji" } ["Authentication and permissions", "The ds_actor cookie"] [{"href": "", "label": "base62-encoded integer"}]