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authentication:authentication-permissions authentication authentication-permissions Permissions Datasette has an extensive permissions system built-in, which can be further extended and customized by plugins. The key question the permissions system answers is this: Is this actor allowed to perform this action , optionally against this particular resource ? Actors are described above . An action is a string describing the action the actor would like to perfom. A full list is provided below - examples include view-table and execute-sql . A resource is the item the actor wishes to interact with - for example a specific database or table. Some actions, such as permissions-debug , are not associated with a particular resource. Datasette's built-in view permissions ( view-database , view-table etc) default to allow - unless you configure additional permission rules unauthenticated users will be allowed to access content. Permissions with potentially harmful effects should default to deny . Plugin authors should account for this when designing new plugins - for example, the datasette-upload-csvs plugin defaults to deny so that installations don't accidentally allow unauthenticated users to create new tables by uploading a CSV file. ["Authentication and permissions"] [{"href": "", "label": "datasette-upload-csvs"}]