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authentication:authentication-permissions-table authentication authentication-permissions-table Controlling access to specific tables and views To limit access to the users table in your bakery.db database: { "databases": { "bakery": { "tables": { "users": { "allow": { "id": "*" } } } } } } This works for SQL views as well - you can list their names in the "tables" block above in the same way as regular tables. Restricting access to tables and views in this way will NOT prevent users from querying them using arbitrary SQL queries, like this for example. If you are restricting access to specific tables you should also use the "allow_sql" block to prevent users from bypassing the limit with their own SQL queries - see Controlling the ability to execute arbitrary SQL . ["Authentication and permissions", "Configuring permissions in metadata.json"] [{"href": "*+from+facetable", "label": "like this"}]