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binary_data:binary-linking binary_data binary-linking Linking to binary downloads The .blob output format is used to return binary data. It requires a _blob_column= query string argument specifying which BLOB column should be downloaded, for example: This output format can also be used to return binary data from an arbitrary SQL query. Since such queries do not specify an exact row, an additional ?_blob_hash= parameter can be used to specify the SHA-256 hash of the value that is being linked to. Consider the query select data from binary_data - demonstrated here . That page links to the binary value downloads. Those links look like this: These .blob links are also returned in the .csv exports Datasette provides for binary tables and queries, since the CSV format does not have a mechanism for representing binary data. ["Binary data"] [{"href": "", "label": ""}, {"href": "", "label": "demonstrated here"}, {"href": "", "label": ""}]