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changelog:asgi changelog asgi ASGI ASGI is the Asynchronous Server Gateway Interface standard. I've been wanting to convert Datasette into an ASGI application for over a year - Port Datasette to ASGI #272 tracks thirteen months of intermittent development - but with Datasette 0.29 the change is finally released. This also means Datasette now runs on top of Uvicorn and no longer depends on Sanic . I wrote about the significance of this change in Porting Datasette to ASGI, and Turtles all the way down . The most exciting consequence of this change is that Datasette plugins can now take advantage of the ASGI standard. ["Changelog", "0.29 (2019-07-07)"] [{"href": "", "label": "ASGI"}, {"href": "", "label": "Port Datasette to ASGI #272"}, {"href": "", "label": "Uvicorn"}, {"href": "", "label": "Sanic"}, {"href": "", "label": "Porting Datasette to ASGI, and Turtles all the way down"}]