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changelog:authentication changelog authentication Authentication Prior to this release the Datasette ecosystem has treated authentication as exclusively the realm of plugins, most notably through datasette-auth-github . 0.44 introduces Authentication and permissions as core Datasette concepts ( #699 ). This enables different plugins to share responsibility for authenticating requests - you might have one plugin that handles user accounts and another one that allows automated access via API keys, for example. You'll need to install plugins if you want full user accounts, but default Datasette can now authenticate a single root user with the new --root command-line option, which outputs a one-time use URL to authenticate as a root actor ( #784 ): $ datasette fixtures.db --root INFO: Started server process [14973] INFO: Waiting for application startup. INFO: Application startup complete. INFO: Uvicorn running on (Press CTRL+C to quit) Plugins can implement new ways of authenticating users using the new actor_from_request(datasette, request) hook. ["Changelog", "0.44 (2020-06-11)"] [{"href": "", "label": "datasette-auth-github"}, {"href": "", "label": "#699"}, {"href": "", "label": "#784"}]