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changelog:better-plugin-documentation changelog better-plugin-documentation Better plugin documentation The plugin documentation has been re-arranged into four sections, including a brand new section on testing plugins. ( #687 ) Plugins introduces Datasette's plugin system and describes how to install and configure plugins. Writing plugins describes how to author plugins, from one-off single file plugins to packaged plugins that can be published to PyPI. It also describes how to start a plugin using the new datasette-plugin cookiecutter template. Plugin hooks is a full list of detailed documentation for every Datasette plugin hook. Testing plugins describes how to write tests for Datasette plugins, using pytest and HTTPX . ["Changelog", "0.45 (2020-07-01)"] [{"href": "", "label": "#687"}, {"href": "", "label": "datasette-plugin"}, {"href": "", "label": "pytest"}, {"href": "", "label": "HTTPX"}]