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changelog:control-http-caching-with-ttl changelog control-http-caching-with-ttl Control HTTP caching with ?_ttl= You can now customize the HTTP max-age header that is sent on a per-URL basis, using the new ?_ttl= query string parameter. You can set this to any value in seconds, or you can set it to 0 to disable HTTP caching entirely. Consider for example this query which returns a randomly selected member of the Avengers: select * from [avengers/avengers] order by random() limit 1 If you hit the following page repeatedly you will get the same result, due to HTTP caching: /fivethirtyeight?sql=select+*+from+%5Bavengers%2Favengers%5D+order+by+random%28%29+limit+1 By adding ?_ttl=0 to the zero you can ensure the page will not be cached and get back a different super hero every time: /fivethirtyeight?sql=select+*+from+%5Bavengers%2Favengers%5D+order+by+random%28%29+limit+1&_ttl=0 ["Changelog", "0.23 (2018-06-18)"] [{"href": "*+from+%5Bavengers%2Favengers%5D+order+by+random%28%29+limit+1", "label": "/fivethirtyeight?sql=select+*+from+%5Bavengers%2Favengers%5D+order+by+random%28%29+limit+1"}, {"href": "*+from+%5Bavengers%2Favengers%5D+order+by+random%28%29+limit+1&_ttl=0", "label": "/fivethirtyeight?sql=select+*+from+%5Bavengers%2Favengers%5D+order+by+random%28%29+limit+1&_ttl=0"}]