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changelog:id156 changelog id156 0.13 (2017-11-24) Search now applies to current filters. Combined search into the same form as filters. Closes #133 Much tidier design for table view header. Closes #147 Added ?column__not=blah filter. Closes #148 Row page now resolves foreign keys. Closes #132 Further tweaks to select/input filter styling. Refs #86 - thanks for the help, @natbat! Show linked foreign key in table cells. Added UI for editing table filters. Refs #86 Hide FTS-created tables on index pages. Closes #129 Add publish to heroku support [Jacob Kaplan-Moss] datasette publish heroku mydb.db Pull request #104 Initial implementation of ?_group_count=column . URL shortcut for counting rows grouped by one or more columns. ?_group_count=column1&_group_count=column2 works as well. SQL generated looks like this: select "qSpecies", count(*) as "count" from Street_Tree_List group by "qSpecies" order by "count" desc limit 100 Or for two columns like this: select "qSpecies", "qSiteInfo", count(*) as "count" from Street_Tree_List group by "qSpecies", "qSiteInfo" order by "count" desc limit 100 Refs #44 Added --build=master option to datasette publish and package. The datasette publish and datasette package commands both now accept an optional --build argument. If provided, this can be used to specify a branch published to GitHub that should be built into the container. This makes it easier to test code that has not yet been officially released to PyPI, e.g.: datasette publish now mydb.db --branch=master Implemented ?_search=XXX + UI if a FTS table is detected. Closes #131 Added datasette --version support. Table views now show expanded foreign key references, if possible. If a table has foreign key columns, and those foreign key tables have label_columns , the TableView will now query those other tables for the corresponding values and display those values as links in the corresponding table cells. label_columns are currently detected by the inspect() function, which looks for any table that has just two columns - an ID column and one other - and sets the label_column to be that second non-ID column. Don't prevent tabbing to "Run SQL" button ( #117 ) [Robert Gieseke] See comment in #115 Add keyboard shortcut to execute SQL query ( #115 ) [Robert Gieseke] Allow --load-extension to be set via environment variable. Add support for ?field__isnull=1 ( #107 ) [Ray N] Add spatialite, switch to debian and local build ( #114 ) [Ariel Núñez] Added --load-extension argument to datasette serve. Allows loading of SQLite extensions. Refs #110 . ["Changelog"] [{"href": "", "label": "#133"}, {"href": "", "label": "#147"}, {"href": "", "label": "#148"}, {"href": "", "label": "#132"}, {"href": "", "label": "#86"}, {"href": "", "label": "#86"}, {"href": "", "label": "#129"}, {"href": "", "label": "#104"}, {"href": "", "label": "#44"}, {"href": "", "label": "#131"}, {"href": "", "label": "#117"}, {"href": "", "label": "#115"}, {"href": "", "label": "#115"}, {"href": "", "label": "#107"}, {"href": "", "label": "#114"}, {"href": "", "label": "#110"}]