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changelog:id185 changelog id185 0.8 (2017-11-13) V0.8 - added PyPI metadata, ready to ship. Implemented offset/limit pagination for views ( #70 ). Improved pagination. ( #78 ) Limit on max rows returned, controlled by --max_returned_rows option. ( #69 ) If someone executes 'select * from table' against a table with a million rows in it, we could run into problems: just serializing that much data as JSON is likely to lock up the server. Solution: we now have a hard limit on the maximum number of rows that can be returned by a query. If that limit is exceeded, the server will return a "truncated": true field in the JSON. This limit can be optionally controlled by the new --max_returned_rows option. Setting that option to 0 disables the limit entirely. ["Changelog"] [{"href": "", "label": "#70"}, {"href": "", "label": "#78"}, {"href": "", "label": "#69"}]