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changelog:id2 changelog id2 0.55 (2021-02-18) Support for cross-database SQL queries and built-in support for serving via HTTPS. The new --crossdb command-line option causes Datasette to attach up to ten database files to the same /_memory database connection. This enables cross-database SQL queries, including the ability to use joins and unions to combine data from tables that exist in different database files. See Cross-database queries for details. ( #283 ) --ssl-keyfile and --ssl-certfile options can be used to specify a TLS certificate, allowing Datasette to serve traffic over https:// without needing to run it behind a separate proxy. ( #1221 ) The /:memory: page has been renamed (and redirected) to /_memory for consistency with the new /_internal database introduced in Datasette 0.54. ( #1205 ) Added plugin testing documentation on Using pdb for errors thrown inside Datasette . ( #1207 ) The official Datasette Docker image now uses Python 3.7.10, applying the latest security fix for that Python version. ( #1235 ) ["Changelog"] [{"href": "", "label": "#283"}, {"href": "", "label": "#1221"}, {"href": "", "label": "#1205"}, {"href": "", "label": "#1207"}, {"href": "", "label": "official Datasette Docker image"}, {"href": "", "label": "the latest security fix"}, {"href": "", "label": "#1235"}]