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changelog:id28 changelog id28 0.46 (2020-08-09) This release contains a security fix related to authenticated writable canned queries. If you are using this feature you should upgrade as soon as possible. Security fix: CSRF tokens were incorrectly included in read-only canned query forms, which could allow them to be leaked to a sophisticated attacker. See issue 918 for details. Datasette now supports GraphQL via the new datasette-graphql plugin - see GraphQL in Datasette with the new datasette-graphql plugin . Principle git branch has been renamed from master to main . ( #849 ) New debugging tool: /-/allow-debug tool ( demo here ) helps test allow blocks against actors, as described in Defining permissions with "allow" blocks . ( #908 ) New logo for the documentation, and a new project tagline: "An open source multi-tool for exploring and publishing data". Whitespace in column values is now respected on display, using white-space: pre-wrap . ( #896 ) New await request.post_body() method for accessing the raw POST body, see Request object . ( #897 ) Database file downloads now include a content-length HTTP header, enabling download progress bars. ( #905 ) File downloads now also correctly set the suggested file name using a content-disposition HTTP header. ( #909 ) tests are now excluded from the Datasette package properly - thanks, abeyerpath. ( #456 ) The Datasette package published to PyPI now includes sdist as well as bdist_wheel . Better titles for canned query pages. ( #887 ) Now only loads Python files from a directory passed using the --plugins-dir option - thanks, Amjith Ramanujam. ( #890 ) New documentation section on Publishing to Vercel . ["Changelog"] [{"href": "", "label": "issue 918"}, {"href": "", "label": "datasette-graphql"}, {"href": "", "label": "GraphQL in Datasette with the new datasette-graphql plugin"}, {"href": "", "label": "#849"}, {"href": "", "label": "demo here"}, {"href": "", "label": "#908"}, {"href": "", "label": "#896"}, {"href": "", "label": "#897"}, {"href": "", "label": "#905"}, {"href": "", "label": "#909"}, {"href": "", "label": "#456"}, {"href": "", "label": "#887"}, {"href": "", "label": "#890"}]